Senior Legal and Regulatory Consultant

For Kerron Edmunson, law is about context – matching legal solutions to operational issues. A key part of her success working with clients like MTN, Cell C, Altron, Nokia and advising the World Bank and the IFC, is listening to what the client wants and meeting their needs while also providing both a high level and detailed analysis of any issues, to situate it within its own context.

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Legal expertise across 25 countries

Kerron is a qualified attorney in South Africa and is also qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales with legal advisory experience across 25 countries including Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Western Europe, the UK, the Bahamas, and throughout Africa including South Africa

ICT, drafting and contracts legal specialist

Kerron has applied her expertise in drafting contracts, advising on policy and regulations, as well as influencing policy within the utility sector. Clients have included Internet Solutions, Virgin Mobile, Helios Towers, Cell C, Kagiso Media, AME Limited, Caxton and CTP Publishers Limited, and ICASA. Kerron has also acted in an advisory capacity to the IMF and World Bank, as well as having worked on a number of government projects in Guernsey, Namibia, Lesotho, Kenya, Liberia, Zambia, the UAE, Malawi, and South Africa.

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Kerron is determined and results-driven with an authentic professional approach to working with clients. Having headed up a legal department in a law firm and built a practice in two companies, run a regulatory department in a large corporate and lectured at the Masters of Telecommunications law postgrad course at WITS, Kerron is used to making things happen.

Making a difference

Listening, meeting timelines, project management and working in teams with other experts go hand in hand with Kerron’s legal and regulatory expertise to ensure a consolidated work product.

Kerron has worked and continues to work with international and local experts including Incyte Consulting (UK), KPMG (SA), FTI Consulting (SA), PwC (UK and SA), BMI-Techknowledge (SA), Digitalthings (SA), Analysys Mason as well as law firms in South Africa, Africa and other countries.

Kerron Edmunson, as a regulatory and legal consultant, offers a flexible but dedicated service that focusses on the big picture. Not just the law. As a strategist, Kerron uses a risk assessment and mitigation lens while also single-mindedly pursuing the best solution.

Kerron is passionate about adding value, understanding the client’s business or key concerns, then assessing the outcomes clients think they want or need, practically and legally, and what is possible in the circumstances